Targeted e-mail marketing is achievable with InterECM!
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Web based e-mail marketing software defined with InterECM!
InterECM Email Build Relationship Banner
  The InterECM web based email marketing software starts out using a simple 3-step process for simplicity. Figure 1
Creating a successful email
campaign can be done in just
3 steps
  Targeted email marketing needs can be quickly defined through a user-friendly Database Management interface that gives you greater control! Figure 2
User Friendly Database Management Interface
  Our software for email marketing simplifies your campaign needs for a speedy development! Figure 3
Creating and editing a campaign made easy
  Sending mass emails can be personalized. This gives your communications an advantage over other email marketing softwares. Figure 4
HTML and Text Campaigns can be uploaded easily and be personalized using the available tags.
  Using the web based email marketing version or stand alone, sending mass email can be easily controlled an scheduled for consistent quality! Figure 5
Campaigns can be easily edited and scheduled
  You can create targeted email marketing campaigns via the scheduler option that allows for concurrent mass email sending without any hassle. Figure 6
Campaigns can be scheduled at anytime and any day
  InterECM's software for email marketing even gives you detailed reports on your campaign statistics for market research and ROI dependencies Figure 7
Summary report on delivery
  InterECM's web based email marketing software uses a tracking system that even gives you a day by day detail of your consumer responses. Figure 8
Report on open history
  With InterECM's targeting email marketing system, you can actively generate target-specific knowledge of your consumers. Figure 9
Report on open agent type
  Sending mass emails with InterECM is simple and effective. Plan, organise and manage your consumer patterns for greater communication! Figure 10
Report on open time by customers
  Watch your consumers view patterns and analyse their behaviour for greater business presence. Figure 11
Report on click history
  InterECM's software for email marketing even allows you to track the click-thru rates on certain URLs for enhanced consumer practice Figure 12
Report on click URL
  Email addresses can change easily. With InterECM's web based email marketing software, you can track bounce rates to prevent erroneous email addresses from receiving valuable information. Figure 13
Report on bounce reason and bounce history