The evolution in bulk mailing software, InterECM gives you better control and opportunities
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Direct Email Marketing Software gives you better control and long-term reach.
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Defining direct email marketing software types, InterECM gives you smarter control of your campaign needs. Buy email marketing software with a difference. InterECM's bulk mailing software is perfect for every business need.
Your consumers need to know about everything you have immediately. Communicate the smart way with e-mail marketing.
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Contact Management
  • Import your existing contacts

  • You can either choose to manage your contacts yourself or let InterECM manage them for you. InterECM allows you to import contacts from your Excel spreadsheet or any standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. The built-in search feature allows you to browse and search through your contacts effortlessly, further enhancing the need for business centred email marketing software like InterECM

  • Sign up and unsubscribe forms

  • InterECM provides a sample HTML code which you can embed onto your website to allow visitors to sign up and subscribe to specific interest groups.

  • Complete Personalization of Messages

  • Integrate your customer database to provide fully personalized or targeted messages to your customers.

  • Reliability

  • Spam is not permitted. This virtually eliminates the possibility that an ISP will misconstrue your legitimate, opt-in email as spam and block it from entering your recipient's mailbox.
  • Supports Multiple Languages

  • Create business email marketing campaigns that target several languages. InterECM is Unicode-aware and supports most major languages.

  • Supports Attachments

  • Your direct email campaign messages may also embed any number of attachments. No limits are imposed.

  • Preview before you deliver

  • Preview and even send a test message to yourself (or your associates) for confirmation before delivering the campaign. Test messages are fully personalized so you can view your actual campaign, not just template messages.

  • Schedule your delivery date

  • The built-in scheduler feature lets you schedule your campaigns to run at any time you desire, freeing you from the need to be physically present from start to end.

Advanced Reporting
The results of InterECM's extensive tracking are presented in a detailed reporting page which allows you to analyze your campaign. With the reports provided, you can determine the most popular links in your email, reach of the email, and even the hour your recipients choose to view their mails. Historical reports provide snapshots of campaign responses for a total of 30 days.

Get on Track
The InterECM direct email marketing software is equipped to handle high volume traffic.
Its campaign management features and scalability functions make it the perfect bulk mailing software for business marketing.

Buy email marketing software with a difference. InterECM offers round-the-clock support to users in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and other territories.