InterECM's mass email service helps you with mass email newsletters and acts as a mass email marketing software. View our F.A.Q. section to learn more.
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Mass email services give you greater marketing manoeuvrability and tracking options for a sustained CRM process.
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Purchase the InterECM mass email marketing software. Located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, our unique mass email service can be used stand alone or via our online version. Buy InterECM's mass email service. Online or as a mass email program, InterECM's capabilities support mass email newsletter campaigns and much more!
InterECM's mass email service has a host of unique features and capabilities that assist MNC and SME based clients with their marketing endeavours.

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Q1: I can't get some of your website links to work.
Make sure you disable any pop-up blocking software. Our site opens a new window and pop-up blockers may prevent links from opening the page.
Q2: What is InterECM?
InterECM is an online mass email service which enables broadcasting & tracking of email campaigns. It allows for the designing of professional-looking mass email newsletters, direct mailers, flyers as well as tracking functionalities that support market research needs.

The InterECM mass email program is dedicated to bringing reliability and safety to high value email communications for the benefit of all participants in the email value chain. Its sole focus is the development, implementation, and operation of an effective email platform.
Q3: What is your business address and contact information?
NetInfinium Solutions Sdn Bhd
Wisma N2N, Level 9, Tower 2,
Avenue 3, Bangsar South,
No.8, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
West Malaysia

Tel: +603 2241 1818
Email: Mail us today and learn how email newsletters save on cost as it expands your consumer's understanding.
Q4: After I sign up, can I start right away?
Yes! Just sign up for an account. You will receive your username and password that will be used to access the mass email marketing software. Log in and start communicating with your customers in the masses.
Q5: Do you have a free trial package?
Yes, sign up at our Free Trial area. You are allowed to send unlimited campaigns and upload an unlimited number of databases. Please remember that we have imposed a limitation to the number of addresses that will receive your campaign messages.
Q6: Can I send my marketing campaign in HTML format?
Q7: Is there any kind of content you don’t accept?
We reserve the right to refuse any marketing advertisement if its content is illegal or inappropriate.
Q8: Can I send spam?
No, we firmly believe in permission-based marketing and we comply with all current laws and provide an unsubscribe option in every transmission.
Q9: How will I know when my marketing advertisement has been sent?
InterECM's mass email service provides email notifications to users upon the completion of campaign processes.
Q10: How many characters can I have in the subject line and email body?
Although we don't have size limits, we strongly recommend that when using InterECM's mass email marketing software that you keep your email body size under 12kb to maximize ISP filter penetration. Subject lines are best at 9 words or less.
Q11: How will I know when the newsletter or mail reaches subscribers?
The Reports section will track and report all deliveries in real time. We also recommend that you always include yourself to your mailing list so you will receive the email too.
Q12: What time of day do the mailings go out?
It will start on your scheduled delivery date. However, an exact time of day is impossible to predict.
Q13: Once the mailing starts, how long before I start seeing responses?
It's possible to start seeing some responses within just a couple of minutes after your mailing starts delivery.
Q14: Do you use safe lists?
No, the InterECM mass email programs only sends out email according to your email lists.