The benefits of InterECM's email marketing service helps you enhance sales and track leads. Our email broadcasting software really can do wonders to your advertising campaigns.
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E-mail broadcasting works better with InterECM!
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Purchase the InterECM email marketing service. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we offer a unique email advertising software that goes beyond other local email marketing programs.
E-mail Advertising Software is easy to use and lowers costs.
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Email Campaigning Begins in Minutes
InterECM's email marketing service is easy to use and does not require any technical skills whatsoever. Just follow the simple instructions provided to start!

Schedule Your Delivery Time
Maximize your bandwidth usage & ROI by pre-scheduling your email marketing programs and campaigns to enable delivery of emails during off-peak hours. Our email broadcasting software enables you to schedule both date & time of delivery, eliminating the need for additional bandwidth and expenditure.

No-Charge Maintenance
No maintenance fees, ever! All maintenance to the InterECM email broadcasting software will be carried out free of charge.

Automated Image Hosting & Tagging
Save time & effort for every campaign. Our email broadcasting software automatically tags & hosts all images in your HTML email, so you don't have to manually tag & link images to your web server.

Concurrent Broadcast
The InterECM email broadcasting software is also designed to act as a high speed, high volume email advertising engine. It can handle concurrent blasts without duplication or erroneous personalization.

Send Both Text & HTML Email
Your members who do not have an HTML enabled email client will be able to read your text email messages. InterECM lets you combine and deliver both text & HTML formatted emails into a single email.

InterECM is extendable to include automated broadcasts based on events or trigger factors such as member birthday greetings or transaction notifications through email.

Supplement your email marketing services today. InterECM is an email broadcasting software that comes fully loaded with a host of campaign-specific features
Take the time to discover an email broadcasting software with a difference. Our free tour allows you to get all the hard facts before you purchase!